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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
I know that emblems are a pain to upload, but once Audy gets all that crap fixed I was thinking, maybe each club-owner could upload emblems for themselves? No ego-emblems, obviously, but I'm sure it would be nice to remember what contest you won that for.

And it's pretty clear that not everybody should upload emblems, and that even club owners need a kind of a "qualification" process and limits once you get the emblem privleges, but if we could get that in place, it would be pretty useful.
Well, that was pretty much the reason the club competition winner emblem was made. Basically, letting every club owner upload their emblems for whatever competitions or contests they might have would just be waay too excessive, granted that a lot of the owners would probably take use of this feature, as well as probably having more competitions to boost activity and all. So to kinda give owners their own emblems to award, we made one just for winners of any competition held within clubs, and though this means one member can only get the emblem once, it's pretty much the best we can do for you which makes it fair for everybody.

Also, what do you mean with Audy getting it fixed? To upload emblems, I'm pretty sure you need access to at least the ACP, so only SA's would be able to upload them as of now, unless you mean Audy is working on something for members to upload their own emblems.

But either way, the thing about emblem suggestions in this thread was more directed towards emblems specific to the section rather than the individual clubs. For example with the emblem for being a good club owner, for joining and being active in lots of clubs, and whatever else we have at the moment, and it was more a suggestion if you had any similar ideas :p
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