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    Originally Posted by DarkGrey View Post
    Battle Tower seems much improved at first glance(as it now returns your pokemon it borrowed yay), but "Rest" still glitches. You are allowed to rest, then it saves your game. But upon restarting the save and returning, the game crashes. Restarting again after that takes you back to the game where the NPC tells you you didn't save and you can't continue where you left off (the point of the "Rest" option).

    Also, the banlist seems off. Or at least unfaithful to the source game. Garchomp was banned. I tested Gachomp, Gengar, and Suicune to see what was allowed. Clarification on this would be appreciated.

    This was just testing lvl 50 Battle Tower. I'll test the rest of the frontier maps this week more thoroughly.

    I'd also like to make more Battle Tower movesets for pokemon if your willing to take submissions. I'd keep it in the same format so that all you'd have to do for the next release is copy/paste.
    This is the first I've heard of these problems (i.e. no one mentioned them before). I don't care for the Battle Frontier myself, so I don't really look at it. I rely on people reporting problems.

    If you want to update any of the PBS files, go right ahead. They only include Gens 1-3 Pokémon/moves after all, and could do with improving.

    Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
    1: You can't catch a trainer's Shadow Pokemon. They block my Pokéball every time.
    2: In the cave by Cedolan City ore whatever it's called, if you put a strength boulder on the switch, the trainer still says it isn't on it.
    3: Best explained by this image. Happened trying to get off the bicycle.
    1. Are you using a Snag Ball and/or have $PokemonGlobal.snagMachine=true? The fact that the target Pokémon is a Shadow Pokémon is irrelevant.
    2. The wrong event's Self Switch is toggled by the checking event. A simple fix. It works otherwise.
    3. If you're going to enter the Cycle Road with a dependent event, that's your fault. Any sensible person wouldn't allow that.

    Originally Posted by zingzags View Post
    Another thing would be that if the trainer types there name, and it has an empty value(The memory where the name is suppose to be stored) it will use an empty value. I guess adding another argument to it, and also another argument to Kernel.pbFreeText to make it so the player has to input a value.
    I'll have a look at modifying that.
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