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    Not much to say, really. My Avenue is Rank 13, title was Hidamari, but I removed it to think of a better name. (My Avenue has a purple roof) I have a Rank 4 Dojo, a Rank 5 Florist, a Rank 6 Market, a Rank 5 Retaurant (to be replaced with a Nursery), a Rank 4/5 Antique Shop, a Rank 4 Raffle Booth, a Rank 2 Salon (remade), and a Rank 4 Restaurant (with my White character, Aoi).

    Working on Rank 15 for the Nursery, but I really want that there Parade function~

    My title there is "Yui-sama". My catchphrases are "Okaeri!" and "Perfect!".

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