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Originally Posted by pokefan9900 View Post
Can I join as well, please? Here's my info:

Name: Pokefan9900
Game: Pokemon Red
Team:Brain: Squirtle line
Spinal Cord: Snorlax
Left Leg: Nidoran Male
Right Leg: Abra
Left Arm: Ghastly
Right Arm: Spearow
Optional Rules: I'll take rules 2 and 4, those I can handle.

Question: If we fail to catch the pokemon we want, such as Snorlax, what happens?
Welcome to the challenge! Added.

Well, I don't really know what would happen. Just soft reset for it. (unless it kills one of your pokes while you're trying to catch it) And you always have two snorlaxes to try and catch! :D
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