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    Iora Oriole

    The wolf’s voice boomed in Iora’s ear as it continued its rapid romp through the halls. Iora fought the urge to let go and cover her ears, it pained her just to listen to the loud voice.

    "There's no time for questions, I'll explain everything when we are all safe."

    The wolf neglected her second statment, simply shaking its head in response as it sped increasingly toward the looming castle doors. A sensation of hesitance overcame Iora as they continued toward them without letup. These shaky feelings were unwarranted however. The wolf simply powered through, shattering the doors like twigs and throwing a cascade of shrapnel in their wake. Iora closed her eyes quickly, a desperate act to try and keep splinters from damaging her sight. Thankfully, with the force pushing away from them, only residual debris pelted her body.

    Two guards had been flanking either side of the doors. As they sped away, Iora reopened her eyes and cast a look behind her to notice their limp, motionless forms. Shrapnel was visible within their bodies, likely enough to cause instantaneous death. Iora did not have enough time to confirm this fact. Even with her excellent vision, the wolf’s speed soon carried them out of range. The castle town passed by them in a blur, a vast, open field quickly took its place and just as quickly it appeared, it vanished into the fringes of a forest. A forest presented no problem for the wolf, it continued its pace, dodging and weaving amongst the trees. It seemed perfectly at home in this environment and seemed certain of its destination.

    It wasn’t long before a building popped on the horizon; a sort or bar or tavern situated firmly in the middle of the forest. The wolf gracefully slipped into an entrance on the side and made its way to the interior of the building. Deciding now was a great a time as any, Iora jumped off the wolf’s back and subtly put some distance between it and herself as she took a few steps back.

    She continued and pushed her back firmly against the wall of the building, safety and security radiated from its touch. The door opened and the mechanical creature began to enter piece by piece. Iora had never seen anything quite like it. She definitely wasn’t on Dragon Roost Island anymore.

    “Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?!” She shouted angrily at nobody in specific.
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