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    Chapter 2: Childhood Conflict

    As I briskly dashed out of my house, all I can feel is nothing but a very painful twist excruciating my stomach. I began to search every nook and cranny around the whole New Bark Town in this unbearably scorching sun that's touching the trees, the houses, and the whole vicinity in the middle of July.

    As I cautiously try to walk into the bushes, I instantly noticed a soft, depressed whimpering cry cascading out of it. But it's almost identical to Quil's own cry.

    "Breee... breee..." My mouth slowly opened as I began to feel extremely amazed of how it might be Quil.

    "Bingo." I said, quietly snickering while shrouding my face with my palm. base of my head. I leaped into the bushes as I harshly plucked off the weak strands of grass one by one. But all I see in my perception is one dangerously troubled Jumpluff, glancing at me with an infuriated expression for menacingly eradicating her home.

    "Dang it!" I loudly screamed while my saliva splashing on the enraged Jumpluff, making it even more angry by the second as it viciously puffs out a cloudy dust on top of my head. Then I pushed the cotton balled creature in frustration, plunging it to a tree. Leaves elegantly fluttered down to her weary, semiconscious body, concealing her whole presence as Starly and Swablu loudly squawked as they flew out of the enormous tree.

    I got up on my 2 legs and stormed away from the beaten up Jumpluff. Then I loudly stomped the ground with full force, causing the ground to let out a big, bashing thud to the whole town.

    "It's my fault that I had to take in this Pokemon! Why did I take it in with me!?" I loudly cried.

    I grasped on my sleek red hair and forcefully tried to pull it off. But I heard numerous faint taps trying to approach towards me. I let go of my bushy hair and turned around. Suddenly I noticed that it was Jackson with his curious Oshawott glancing at me oddly, wondering what the heck is going on.

    "Blaze! What happened to you!?" He yelled as he desperately tried to sprint towards me.

    I got out my brush while I try to manage my bushy shaggy hair. Seeing that he reached towards where I am, I gulped with my blank blue eyes taking a look on his serious demeanor.

    "Oh hey Jackson... I really don't want to say it..."

    "Come on, you can tell me right!? We're best buddies bro!" He loudly pleaded.

    Isolation began to fill me up even more when I heard him yell as it felt like if he really wants to do something about it. He's always like that way, so I can't cease him from doing so.

    Then I put my head down, feeling more isolated with stress pouring inside my mind, filling it with negativity. "Ohhhh..." I heavily groaned. I then breathed in and out until I was finally prepared.

    Noticing that Jackson is getting impatient as time begins to run by, I drugged my head back up as I gulped and harshly let out faint whimpers.

    "Ok, so I raged once again, but only at Quil! He's never cooperative and he never gave me and Buzz a chance, all he does is push us aside like if we're enemies! He's really such a pain in the butt!" I screamed. Tears began to quickly run through my stressed, wearied out eyes .

    Jackson lightly grabbed both of his arms at my shoulders. I looked quite dazed on what he's attempting to do next.

    "Ok, you shouldn't have done that. You are taking this too far. From what I saw from analyzing Quil's whole personality, he's obviously have something going on. You don't understand how he feels since all you do is constantly try to talk to him. All you need to do is understand how Quil feels. Sorry if that was not enough, but I had to say it out of my mouth." Then he lets go of my vibrating shoulders, seeing that it's quickly began racing through my thoughts.

    I brushed off my face, feeling somewhat encouraged. "Uhh... thanks Jackson... Anyways you sort of remind me of my dad when he had to help me with my problems back when we're having school. Still I wish that he was here."

    Jackson slowly walked away, passing me as if he were a ghost. "Ok, let's find Quil together."

    I became startled on what he just did and said. "What?"

    He quickly turns around, having a cold stare on his face. "I said, let's find Quil together. You want to make up for what you did right? You chose to bond with that poor fella. If you don't try to solve it, that problem will still persist."

    I felt a pain twist inside my stomach. Suddenly it's like if Jackson was my dad. "Wait I'm coming!" I said as I quickly dashed along with him.

    3 hours had quickly flew by. Me and Jackson still persist to locate Quil, but no traces of that fiery demon has been detected.

    "It's no use, maybe we should just give up." Jackson wearily said as he let out a wearily yawn escaping through his mouth.

    I sighed with a hout puff full of weariness as well. "Maybe you're right. He's gone."

    When we were about to depart, we hear faint, whimpering cries reaching through our heads as they began ringing through them. Our eyes were in shock as we instantly recognize that weak cry. We then turn around and we glanced at Quil. He blankly stares at the tree while sitting on the weak grass.

    Jackson then lightly placed his arm on top of my shoulder, staring at me with a serious look. "Maybe it's the time that you should make up for this. He may forgive you."

    I nodded my head with a determined face on me. I slowly approached to him, feeling no traces of fear in my heart.

    "Hey." I calmly greeted.

    Quil was instantly grieved. He quickly turns around towards me and stares at me with my clenched fists and my terrifying gaze that points out to his whimpering, cowardly face.

    "Quil..." The flickering, pointly flame instantly combusts out of his back as he scampers while he terribly shivers.

    Suddenly, a memory quickly rushed back into his head. He remembers as if he had a peaceful family once. His father was unable to be found, but his mother, which is a Typhlosion, was taking over the role as of being a support to Quil. He would remember being in his mother's warm, cozy arms while they sleep under Cyndaquil Cave.

    He was pure once until a terrible storm that had terrible, angry winds with furious amounts of rain. Not to mention the crackles of lightning heavily piercing through the dark, unassuming clouds. It forcibly separates him and his mother. The light he once had was gone.

    He would always scamper around the Cyndaquil Cave area desperately locate his mother, walking in consecutive circles feeling nothing but a terrible void in his lonely, depressed mind. He would see other Pokemon being very happy with their good families. That makes him more gloom every time he glances at their smiles and laughs once they unnoticably pass through him.

    Everyone then starts to know that he has no family, so they harshly bully and soullessly abuse him around, even trainers will try to desperately capture him as he quickly runs away from them, trying to escape from these cruel, evil people. That made him what he was.

    The more I try to approach to Quil, the more he quickly steps back to the tree as the leaves loudly rustle around.

    I slowly breathed in and out until I was prepared. "Look... I'm really sorry for what I did, really I am. I didn't want you to get angry at me, and I just want to be your friend. What I said was truly uncalled for and..." Running out of words, I quickly gnawed away my nails as I experience extreme nervousness.

    Feeling extremely touched about what I was trying to say, he briskly ran towards my chest, roughly snugging me as I began to feel his rough head beginning to ache my chest.

    "Huh?" I quickly grasped the excited Quil away from my reddening chest. It seems as if he accepts me as a friend now.

    It's was 6:30. As I pack up all my belongings in my blue backpack, I dashed out of the house towards Jackson's.

    "Jackson, you want to walk together with me and Quil?' I yelled as I loudly punched the sleek, white door.

    The door slowly lets out an unpleasant creak as it slowly opens. Jackson walks out towards me. "Yes I am." Then he glances at Quil letting out a bright smile to his somewhat blank face while he's being on top of my shoulder. "I see that he admires you now."

    We turned around and was about to depart out of out home. Suddenly I began to hear small taps expectantly approaching behind me.

    "Huh?" We quickly turn around and glanced down on out sneakers, but it's Buzz, my Elekid. He loudly whimpers and cries on my sneakers as he greatly clings on both of my legs.

    "Buzz, what's wrong?" I asked.

    "Be Bee be Bee Bee Be!" He asked.

    Then I grabbed Buzz and lightky placed him on my left shoulder as I smiled. "Oh, so you want to be with me. You can't stay alone and you refuse to see me leave you behind." I turned around to my standard looking home

    "I wonder if Mom's not going to cry..." I quietly said, feeling a bit sentimental.

    "Uhhh... Blake, it's getting late, and we have to hurry to Cherrygrove."

    I then looked at my Pokegear. "It's 6:37! We have to go!"


    As we run out of our home that we both grew up for our whole life, both of our mothers glance out of the windows inside my house, watching the pretty sunset that shines the entire vicinity.

    "They grew up, have they?" Jackson's mother said.

    My mother then looked at my picture of me as a 5 year old smiling with my dad patting me. "Yes they have. First, Rald was gone, now he is..." She then breaks down to tears, harshly crying when she conceals her face with her palms.

    Jackson's mother annoyingly stares at mine, feeling worried about how she's taking this departure too seriously. "Oh..." She lets out a bright, redeeming smile as she turns towards the window, watching as we get smaller and smaller until he fade away of her sight by the bright beautiful sunset as Starly and other Pokemon fly past the sun as they sing across the beautiful sun.

    There begins our new adventure.
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