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    If you were in the Pokemon world and you could have your own gym, but you could only use one type:

    1) Which type would you use ?

    2) Your Team ( move set and nature are optional)


    I would be a ghost type gym leader

    last gym

    -Spiritomb Modest

    Dark pulse, hidden power (bug), pursuit, hypnosis

    -Golurk Adamant

    Earthquake, ice punch, thunder punch, hammer arm

    Drifblim modest

    Thunderbolt, shadow ball, hidden power (bug), explosion

    Chandelure timid

    Fire blast, shadow ball, energy ball, Will-O-Wisp

    Jellicent timid

    Water spout, shadow ball, ice beam, energy ball

    Gengar timid (last pokemon)

    Shadow ball, thunderbolt, focus blast, hidden power (fire)

    First Gym

    Litwick, Drifloon and Rotom

    If you win i would give you the specter badge and the Tm 30 (shadow ball)