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    Day 1: I got a lot done today :D

    Day 1:
    -Got tepig (my brain)
    -Beat Bianca and Cheren first battle
    -Beat Bianca and Cheren again
    -Used PokeCenter And Pokemart
    -Rejected Elemental Monkey
    - Trained Tepig up to level 15 to face Cress
    -Healed at moms
    -Beat Cress
    -Beat Plasma
    -Tepig evolved into Pignite
    -Beat Cheren again
    -beat plasma
    -beat Leonora with level22 pignite
    -used PokeCenter in nacrene city
    -used pokemart
    -Caught Cottonee
    -Traded for Petil (I finally grew a spine XD )
    -Beat Team Plasma
    -Beat Bugsy with Pignite
    -Beat Bianca and Cheren
    -Got Plume Fossil and revived Archen ( right arm)

    sorry if its too detailed this is basically my first challenge
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