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WHOOOA randomly browsing the forum index and seeing this. How come I didn't look up if there was a Homestuck fanclub on PC before? Signing up.

Behold the robes Y/N?

Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
Has anyone played the new game via the update?

Also they hit the 2.5 mil mark for the game which is amazing :)
Yeah, I played it! Tried to find as much as I could but it turns out that the only one who can really go somewhere is Meenah. She's badass though, so it's ok. I like that she got to come inside the comet and talk to Kanaya and the others.

Hm, we're allowed to talk about everything that has happened so far, right? Or do we have to warn for spoilers up to some certain page? :p

About the kickstarter - I loved the video. So many fan trailers of Homestuck out there; now we finally have an official one. Not really something you'd show a friend that you wanted to introduce to Homestuck though. It's a bit too... fast and confusing.

And it's truly amazing that they got so much money for the project. What a fanbase. What. A.

/blabbering over

This though:
Would you ever want to be in a Homestuck RP?

Certainly. Seeing as I'm an avid forum RPer, I have already made my own Homestuck-inspired RP over in the Roleplay Corner here ;) It's not fully true to the canon and we're only almost through our first gate yet. And quite inactive. But Homestuck is a really fun RP scenario, if you manage to work out a good system for interaction via pesterchum IC.
/nerdy RP talk over

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