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I'm finally updating. I'm playing on desmume.

What Happened:
- I picked Snivy and beat Cheren and Bianca.
- Did the beginning part with Juniper.
- Caught Lillipup on Route 1, and Beat N, then healed.
- Failed to catch a Purrloin on Route 2 and beat Bianca very easily again.
- Got Panpour from the Dreamyard.
- Trained some before fighting Chili.
- Beat Chili easily and went on to do the Dreamyard and Dream Mist stuff.
- Went to Route 3, Beat Cheren and did the Team Plasma in Wellspring Cave stuff.
- Caught a Pidove on Route 3 and a Roggenrola in Wellspring Cave.
- Continued to Nacrene and caught an Audino in Pinwheel Forest outside. I boxed it.
- Trained a lot before fighting Lenora, while training, Pidove and Roggenrola died.
- I challenged Lenora's Gym, one of her trainers(the one with Herdier) killed Panpour.
- Lenora's Herdier killed my Herdier, finished both Herdier and Watchog with Servine.
- Team Plasma stole the Dragon Skull, I went on to Pinwheel Forest.
- I was extremely surprised, the first Pokemon found on the inside was Whimsicott:

- My bf told me it was 5% chance of appearing, so I definitely caught it.
- I saved after that tough catch.

Servine Lv. 23
Tackle, Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed, Growth

Whimsicott Lv. 17
Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Cotton Spore, Gust

Pidove Lv. 9-17
Roggenrola Lv. 11-17
Panpour Lv. 10-21
Herdier Lv.4-22