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I agree. The shiny charm is a nice reward for completing the pokedex. I cracked down hard once I finished the story and achieved my goal yesterday. 649/649 and now I am running around dragonspiral trying to get a shiny golurk for my boyfriend. I know to a lot of you it won't count because I am using the charm as a boost. But, honestly, the boost seems rather nonexistent. I know it's supposed to be like 1/2300-somethin or somethin like that but it still feels like 1/8192 with how I have had no luck despite having been searching since last night. Who knows... maybe I'll get some luck so my boyfriend can have a shiny golurk on his game when I get him he gets 5th gen. Or I could couple the round charm and shiny charm with masuda and get him a golett he could actually use... I dunno...
But... wish me luck on my golurk hunt yesyes?
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