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    Well...looking at the poll it seems we're gunna be drawin' some starters. I wonder which... *looks at his partner pokemon*

    Well anyway, i've been thinking about my experience fighting water gym leaders. I wanna ask you guys what exactly do you think makes them tough? I tried to cover most weaknesses in my gym team. But looking at all the pokemon I had it's evident I was the last gym leader. Do you think a gym leader late gym would be as effective or difficult(Ex: Misty in FR/LG. Since it was so early on in the game and your limited pokemon options, if you didnt pick bulba saur you were in for a tough fight. Pikachu doesnt count cuz thundershock is weak and he cant take a hit)? Or do you think thats subjective to purely weaknesses? On a nutral battleground disreguarding weakness/resistances I beleive water/rain teams are a true force to be reckoned with. However, I beleive that grass types shouldnt be a problem due to water types frequently carrying dehabilitating ice moves. Its more-so the elctric types that can cause water teams trouble. Kinda how my manetric was key to defeating wallace in emerald. Pokemon that carry type coverage to our main weaknesses I think are usually the downfall of water teams. However there are pokemon like Kingdra and Lanturn to cover for that. One giant blow to water teams in fith gen was the horrid Ferrothorn and his grass/steel annoyingness. What are some direct ways you guys think we, as water gym leaders can combat ferrothorn&ferroseed the afformentioned threats?