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If i play instruments and am trying to start a band but am not a professional musician could i sill join? If so then heres my application-
Name- Sandshrew4
Instruments- Piano, recorder (who doesn't play the recorder), i used to play trombone, i can play tambourine and am teaching myself guitar.
Am i willing to collaborate? I am looking for a bass player, singer, and possible a drummer for my band so if you live in/near Chicago and are close to my age then sure!
I'm sure 3/4 the world population is gonna kill me but i hate techno/electronic stuff. I also don't like rap and country.
Topic question- who influenced you to play music? This might sound weird but the beatles, monkees, ac dc, and styx have inspired me to play an instrument and start up a band. Just listening to their music made me want to create music like they did.
Edit: I answered the wrong topic ques
To answer the new topic question the skill that impresses me the most is being able to sit down and just write music. I can come up with lyrics no problem but the actual instrumental parts are always difficult for me for some reason.
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