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    Charizard, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Infernape, and Serperior.

    Charizard was my first and up to this day, still my best and most reliable partner (only Fire type starter immune to Earthquake, how cool is that!!!).

    Feraligatr, especially in HG/SS, I think is the most reliable and effective starter. He can get you through the Johto Gyms practically by himself and he's pretty beast.

    Sceptile, unlike my Charizard and Feraligatr, I choose for purely aesthetic reasons. I personally think that its the coolest looking Hoenn starter.

    Infernape, after Charizard and Feraligatr, Was probably my most useful starter.He was just so beastly.

    Serperior, again for aesthetic purposes. I honestly have no idea why I like this guy, I guess the Snake charmed me.