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Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
Until the 4th Gen, the most underrated Steel Type was Mawile because it can learn only a few Steel type attacks and a lot of dark type attacks. People could not make use of its Attack. It gets a lot of improved in Gen 4th and later on.
Hmm, Mawile is actually a pretty fascinating Pokémon to me, I've never really given it much of a thought when thinking about Steel types and yet it's such an interesting Pokémon.

So, I have a few questions... What exactly makes Mawile a pure Steel type? Is it just the hair thing...? And what exactly is that long hair thing anyway? It looks like a huge pair of jaws but that just seems utterly ridiculous so does anyone know? And another question; with a base stat total of 380 and only two decent stats (decent only being 85 in this case), how can Mawile possibly a good Pokémon to use in battle? Does anyone have a Mawile that they've used previously that they'd like to describe? It'd help a lot in understand this... thing. xD I get that the whole idea of this Pokémon is trickery and deceiving, but it's moves don't seem to reflcet that... Although if anything I'd say it should be Steel/Dark, or at least Steel/Normal - it doesn't warrant being one of the only three pure Steel type families in my opinion :p

Anyone have any thoughts about this puzzling Pokémon? :3