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Why do you like Eevee?: Eevee itself is an utterly adorable Pokémon and I love it for that reason alone, plus I love foxes so it's a win-win situation! Honestly I'm not that impressed by the whole multiple evolution thing, but I think the power held by some of those evolutions is definitely a reason to like the Eevee family and the ones that don't have power have some very cool designs! <3

Which Eeveelution do you think is overrated?
Glaceon, definitely. Everyone constantly rants about how great a Pokémon it is and how powerful it is, but I've yet to see it be used effectively once. It's a Pokémon that can get taken down in one hit moderately easily and as a result it can only usually get one or two attacks in at max. This, coupled with it being an Ice type and therefore not gaining access to any exceptional moves, makes it a pretty over-rated Pokémon in my opinion, especially with how often people say it's a great Pokémon and it should be used all the time x3 Leafeon however is perfection omg <3