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Here's that promised SU! Congrats to Khawill for being the first to post in the IC!
Name: Li Henry

Appearance: Li is reasonably tall, at 6'5". He is a middle aged Asian male. Kai has mid length black hair, which is always combed back. He is most often wearing a suit, and wears a pair of dark sunglasses. In most occasions, he is carrying a briefcase, which has vital work information. He has strong features, and a wise gleam in his purple eyes. Many would describe him as kind-looking. His suit hides a lean form, used to much more exertion than it looks like it can handle.

Personality: Li, past his kind appearance, is cold hearted and calculating. He hates large crowds, as they tend to get in his way. He looks down on anyone who would enjoy Pokemon as a friend, thinking of them as only tools. He is quite rich, and lives aristocraticaly. Seeing the Council as a threat, he has gone into overdrive. He is beginning to show signs of overwork and high stress levels. Due to his lifestyle, Li sees himself as higher than the middle class. This has led to an aristocratic arrogance. He scoffs at any that would challenge him, as he is high up in the Plasma chain of command. Li looks for every opportunity to make himself look higher, which sometimes leads him to defeat.

History: As a young boy, growing up in Castelia city, Li saw much Plasma activity. His parents, being divorced at his birth, didn't play that important of a role in life, so when he heard Ghetsis in one of his speeches, the Plasma leader became an instant role model. Li grew up in a secluded lifestyle, making few friends. When Li watched as Ghetsis' son freed Pokemon, he was touched to the heart. He finished College with flying colors, unaffected by the loss of Pokemon, as he never had one. He enlisted into team plasma, instantly getting promoted to Elite due to his amazing knowledge. Li toiled over the years, finally being promoted again. He was now in charge of getting the 'Force' a greater number of followers. One of his first missions was to the Orange Islands, a region still free from the Plasma Regime. He then tried to convince then local Champion to join team Plasma. When the champion declined, Li felt angered. Returning back to Unova, he continued his work, soon becoming one of King N's main advisors, and the head of the recruitment division. There he leads to this day, aided by a Musharna, which he simply uses as a tool.

Sample Post: Pokemon Fallout; Aria looked outside and saw the rolling hills. It was a beautiful location, not too far from Solaceon to have to be self dependant, but not close enough to really get hit hard by the state of the town. Scratching one of her ears, Aria walked outside. She walked through the field that was built many years before she was born to hold Ponyta and Miltank, or so her father had said. She hadn't known what those were, until she got Eve, who was familiar with both species. She opened a gate at the far side of the slightly overgrown pasture and walked into the countryside, leaving evΠerything but her small bag full of the berries she had begun to really enjoy and a handbasket.

Aria found a nice flat area and spread a blanket that she had stored in the handbasket and layed down on it. It was one of the cooler days of the summer, with next to no clouds in the sky. A truly beautiful day... Aria's ears perked up as she heard someone approaching. They were still a few hills away, but whoever they were, they would most likely freak at the sight of a Pokespirit wielder. Topping the rise next to her's, she herd the person stop.

"There you are! You weren't at the farm when I got there, so I got worried!"

The human that she knew as Red walked closer to her location. Red was a self-appointed nickname, most likely due to his previous obsession with the Indigo League, an old organization that funded the used to be Champion matches at the championship building with the same name. Red had practically been her father for the past few years. Looking up, she saw that his old frame was standing next to her.

"Would you like to sit down, Red?" Aria asked the old man

"Belive me when I say that if I do, I will never get back up." was Red's witty retort.

"You of all people know that I am plenty strong enough to pick you up."

"I'll stand, thank you very much."

"Well then, don't leave me out in the cold!" was her attempted pun, as she stood up. Red laughed his hearty, deep laugh, mostly out of curtosy, and Aria couldn't help but smile. She was a head taller than her aged friend, but to her, he was always the more imposing of the two.

"Glad of you to join me... Shall we walk back?" Red asked her in his polite tone of voice.

"Most definatly. I am starting to get a tad bit sleepy..." Aria said, yawning her way through the last three words. They started walking back over the hills, talking about everything they could think of. When they got back, Red promptly bade her farewell, and left to his house, which was in town.

Aria had barely gotten into her room when her stomach growled. Taking out a plump Oran berry, she chewed the sweet, revitalizing fruit. She got to the bed, and soon fell asleep.

On the other side of town, things weren't going anywhere near as smoothly. Seeing the mostly elegantly dressed gentleman, a gang had decided to mug him. Thankfully for her, Aria wasn't awake to hear the gunshot.

Password: Unovan Path with All Pokemon

Allegiance: Plasma
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