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    Eli, Geoff & Isla - Petalburg Inn, Petalburg City

    "Alright, sir, here are your room keys." Geoff was handed a pair of passcards labeled 109 and 111. The trio walked down the hall all the way to the end, and when Geoff was about to bring Eli into his room (you know, guys in one room, girl in the other?) a cleaning lady stopped them.

    "No," the maid said.


    "You sleep alone, señor."

    "What? I can't be in the same room as Eli?"

    "No... no... pervert sleep alone...." She lazily emphasized the "pervert" part, nudging Eli into Isla's room instead. At first, Isla thought it was odd, but she was happy she could get some quality time with the guy she planned on sticking around with. Disappointingly, that time has yet to come, because after they set their things by the neighboring beds, Eli grabbed a towel and announced she was going to see what the bath was like.

    "I'm used to bathing alone; sorry, Isla." With that, she headed off to the part of Petalburg's lake that'd been closed off to become a hot spring. Isla went to distracting herself by playing with Brotad and her other Pokémon. Geoff, in the meantime, was arguing with the maid — Consuela — about how he wasn't a pervert.

    Sighing in bliss, Eli almost fell asleep from the heat and comfort as the soothing water engulfed her within the mist of her surroundings. Derpy the Psyduck paddled about in the water, occasionally splashing Albion and trying to get him in the water. Vex stayed near the door, away from the water but close enough to enjoy the heat. Leaving the constant "Psy" and "MIAU" aside, it was the perfect place to relax and forget about her duties as a trainer and Quinn's kid. Annoyingly, it still pricked her thoughts for a couple of moments — questions like, "Why the hell won't you let me in?" and "WAKE UP!" hit her and escaped her in the relaxation. Eli managed to get so peaceful, it was almost like she was in another world for a moment.

    No, she was. She found herself very aware, and in a very odd place. The ground was grassy, but felt like mud; the sky was clear, but it felt like rain was pouring down. A scarlet flash came from ahead of her, so she followed it to a small silhouette. It looked kinda like a Poochyena, but it had a poofier tail, more pronounced ears, and a wispy fur style on its head. The silhouette jumped into the air and the scarlet flash appeared again, this time leaving Eli looking at herself. The environment changed with the light. This time, the ground was just solid rock and felt like snow, while the skies were storming and Eli only felt a mild breeze.

    "Who are you?" Before the Eli imposter could answer, the real one woke up from her trance from the sound of Geoff's grumblings.

    Less than 5 minutes ago

    "Mr. Pervert sleep alone...."

    "I told you, I'm not a pervert!" He just wasn't getting the hint, and he was starting to disturb the few other patrons in the inn. Most of them were women, disgusted by Geoff the Pervert now. As Consuela kept pronouncing 'No' over and over again, always including the word "pervert" at least once in each of her sentences, Geoff was getting each time more angry, and it could show in his face; and the air surrounding them was getting more dense, so much that you could nearly slice it with a kitchen knife.

    "I. Am. Not. A. Per. Vert," he slowly pronounced trying to not lose control.

    "Si. You are," she replied with a rather dopey tone, almost as if Geoff was talking with a wall.

    "I... Just, screw it, I'm wasting my time here," he finally muttered. "I'm gonna go take a bath." Geoff went into his room and grabbed a bath towel, leaving Consuela to her work as a professional idiot to have a little relaxation in the spring.

    "Adios, Mr. Pervert."

    "Stupid cleaning lady. Derpy would have made a better argument, and that thing's dumber than a sack of sticks." Eli wasn't sure whether that was an insult to the cleaning lady or a compliment to the Psyduck that had only managed to start swimming when Albion jumped on his head. Wait, wait, that's not the problem here! Geoff was coming into the bath and Eli was — aside from her towel — stark naked! She quickly returned her Pokémon to their Pokéballs (except Derpy, who couldn't be bothered) and found a spot to hide.

    "Hey, Derpy," Geoff started more calmly. "Why're you out here?"

    "Duck." The Psyduck thankfully wasn't too busy dunking his head underwater to reply.

    "Definitely a better conversationalist than the maid." As Geoff lowered himself into the water on one end of the bath, he was oblivious to Eli escaping from the other end, only catching a glimpse of a pretty girl's long hair before it disappeared into the inn's interior.

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