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    Interesting thread

    What region would your journey begin in?Johto, specifally because I can just simply swim to Kanto as well! But there has to be all generations of Pokemon everywhere, if not then stick me to Unova!
    Where in that region would be your hometown?Blackthron City, definitely. I would love to be neighbors or be trained by Lance/Clair, the dragon masters!
    Assuming you get it from an egg, what Pokemon would become your partner*?Shoot, an egg. That rules out Latias (She'd be my dream partner if I could choose any lol). I would say Bulbasaur. & have him evolve all the way up to Venusaur. He'll be one fast beast under the sun to travel with! Don't run track people (Meaning its got a Chlorophyll ability!). Though a dinosaur Pokemon being trained in a dragon town...mmm..I'd say that's acceptable, right? x)
    What nickname would you give him/her?I'd like a female Venusaur actually. Name her Rosalina. Yeah...Rosalina would be a great nickname for her!
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