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    Originally Posted by Ghost Tamer Tommy View Post
    I'm playing black 2 i completed it just to get the challenge one told me i could not play it on challenge mode after i done this more fool me right... so i wiped my file haha and now I'm about to go fight burgh again haha. nintendo need to make it have the option of challenge mode from the start... i don't know anyone who plays pokemon in my area and no way am i buying a second dsi and another game just to unlock it.... and my net is down until further notice due to am ove so i cant just go online with my game yet... which is a shame i really would like the halloween c gear skin.and my local game store didn't have genesect event... but im going off topic now i do apoligize.

    ;TLDR i am playing black 2
    Yeah it's pretty stupid how the difficulty level can't be selected from the beginning of the game but I'm sure this is something that GameFreak didn't think through when they made the games.

    RE: Genesect event - you do know that this event is through wi-fi right?
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