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    Delilah Harris

    The Wolfos increased its speed as it made its escapade out of the castle. Harris ran faster herself to be sure to keep up with the mysterious lupine, who probably knew why they were here and what they could do to return to where they came from. Harris didn't bother to look out for the robot thing and the other Hylian. All she cared about was rescuing herself and the Wolfos was her only hope at this point.

    The large beast barreled through the door of the prison and pelted the guards with debris in the process. Harris glanced at the guard on her left as she sped by, but it proved to be a useless action since she couldn't observe him thoroughly enough to gain anything useful. She turned her head forward again and noticed that the Wolfos was quite a bit farther ahead of her than it was just moments ago, but it didn't matter to her much as long as she could still see where it was headed.

    They ran straight through the surrounding town, garnering looks of surprise from its everyday inhabitants. They left the town as quickly as they had entered it and made their way through a large open field. So similar it was to the field that Harris frequented back home that it made her want to believe she was in one of her dreams and she would wake up in her room. She knew this wasn't so, however, for the pain she felt inside the castle was all too real for dreams.

    One question went through her mind as she dashed through the green grass. Where were all the Poes? Where had they gone? Harris began to breathe heavily after what seemed like hours of running. She reached the edge of the forest and leapt over a bush and into the forest. She dodged trees and brush and did her best not to trip over her own feet. The tall trees did an extraordinary job at blocking the sun, and they had the early darkness to show for it. Harris was suddenly stopped right in her tracks as her neck caught on a vine crossing horizontally between two trees. She pushed against the vine with her neck as hard as she could and continued running after the vine snapped.

    Realizing she had lost sight of the Wolfos for a while now, Harris stopped and observed her surroundings, breathing heavily and feeling like she was about to crumble into pieces. She then decided it wouldn't be a good idea to just stand there and try to think of where to go, so she continued forward in hopes that the lupine didn't make a random turn. Sure enough, she made it to a tavern and saw the robot thing going into it through a small door, piece by piece. After it had gotten inside, Harris slipped in. "Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?!" the birdgirl asked, flustered. Harris was tempted to answer sarcastically, but she was too shy to say anything and she thought it better to allow the wolf to answer with a real answer.
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