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    Originally Posted by Bleacher View Post
    Hey, are trade back moves allowed in this challenge?
    Like trading to gold version, training to learn moves, than trading back? Sure thats ok. I will specify that in the rules.

    Originally Posted by Blazeferno21 View Post
    Nice Challenge, Sephirothxx.
    Anyway, I took Blaine and beat Koga.
    5 badges with Fire-type fury!
    Thank you very much.

    Also, here's a big update. I've evolved my nidoran into nidoking. I have 6 badges now. My team is coming together smoothly. I will be getting my signature pokemon since I'm here at Cinnabar Island.

    Bleacher I added a rule stating that you may trade to train ONLY if you have a gameboy, since the emulators have the speed button and the gameboy doesnt. Make sure you read that rule clearly.

    Just beat Giovanni. Off to the league now. My final team will be:

    Wish me luck, mah homies.