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Hi! Can I join?

I've only had 2 encountered shinies the whole time I've been playing Pokemon.

My first was a shiny Psyduck in Emerald, which when I first found it, I wasn't interested/didn't know much about shinies and disregarded it, even restarting my game. When I finally realised that what that blue Psyduck was, I was like whaaaaat!? *huge facepalm* >__<

My second was a shiny Audino! :D I was mass Audino-killing for exp. when suddenly this purple Audino popped out. It was the first time I ACTUALLY found a shiny and acknowledged it. Best moment of my Pokemon life.

Well, the other shinies I (and probably most people) have were, of course, the Red Gyarados and the shiny Dratini (now Dragonite) Banjirou gave me after defeating him in the White Tree Hollow.

I'm not currently hunting for any specific shiny. I'm just going on with the game and waiting for one to pop up.
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