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    Somehow I always end up making Pokemon sound like the best game ever and just tell them what other games that I play that can be compared to Pokemon.

    Friend: You still play Pokemon?
    Me: Yea, unless you can tell me there is some other RPG that let you choose between 600+ different classes and let you have a party of six I think I will just stick to this.
    Friend: Isn't that for kids?
    Me: Sometimes I just want to play a casual game. If I want to play something hardcore I would play Nocturne.
    Friend: What is Nocturne?
    Me: Shin Megami Tensei 3, also known as Lucifer's Call in the UK due to some copyright thing with the name. You know, the game with demons?
    Friend: wait what?
    Me: You are turn into a half demon yourself when the world ends and you have to recruit other demons to even stand a chance. You can recruit the White Rider, Satan, and some other demons from other religion like Hindu and other stuff as well.
    Friend: Dude that sound awesome! (at this point I show him a youtube clip or if he is at my house just play a small example of the game)
    Me: Yea but it is kinda hard and it is basically just like Pokemon. I play Pokemon to take a break from this sometimes. Pokemons are pretty much demons anyway, read the dex sometimes. Some of their stuff are kinda dark even for adults. (At this point explain a few like Cubone wearing the skull of his mother, Drifloon steal children, Yamask remembering his past life and cry into his mask, etc.)

    Basically I give him something that is already cool (mostly dark & edgy) that he have no choice but to agree it is cool then compare it to Pokemon until he understand Pokemon is just as cool just in it's own way.
    Just for fun I am running a massive favorite Pokemon poll. Unlike most common polls this will list the most favorite to the least favorite at the bottom of the page. I won't be mad if you only vote for a few of them though I would love it if you vote for all of them. PM me if you voted for all of them, I would like to keep a list of people who actively vote so I can PM them for the next round.

    -Sadly not by my choice you are forced to have a Facebook or make an account on the site to vote. I recommend making an account, the site is quite useful for tournaments of any kind and you don't even need to verified the account at all. My existing account been unverified for over a year now out of laziness.
    -You may vote as little or as much as you like though once you hit the button then it is set in stone for any votes that you did made. For example you can do half of the 1st gen one day and the other half the next. You just can't change your mind later for anything you already voted for. If the button no longer there then you voted for everything possible for that round.
    -I will only update this when I feel I have a decent amount of votes to give a decent result.
    -You may vote for that Pokemon for any given reason. Just go for your personal favorite.
    -If you need a reference of their designs then you can use this or your favorite site with images.
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