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OK... odd question time:

I have yet to start my copy of White 2. I want to RNG my TID (for purely vanity reasons, I'm not going for a shiny starter or anything). I have NOT yet found my parameters on White 2. I HAVE however, recived the wonder card for the event Genesect (I hoped to RNG that as well later -- Having not started the game I have also not collected this from the delivery man).

Here's the question:
If I start my White 2 and go far enough to be able to send a Pokemon to GTS check it on Pokecheck, then erase my save file... Will I lose the ability to later pick up my Genesect? Or will the Mystery Gift still be there as long as I don't acctually collect it? Or once I physically start the game is it a take it or lose it situation?

What is the best way to proceed in order to both not lose my Genesect and to be able to get a vanity TID? (My most proud moment in RNGing was getting my vanity TID in Black of 2112... my Trainer name was RUSH... )

I'm really itching to start White 2 mostly because I've gotten addicted to collecting Dream World Pokemon... and being able to get one more a day would be nice.

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