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    Relak the Golem

    Relak began to ponder the winged creature’s question. Hetook a scraping of dirt off the bottom of his foot and analyzed it. He began tomumble random minerals as his eyes dissected the makeup of the dirt. He hadlived with mining robots his entire life, so he knew what to look for in theterra specific to his home. With a low grumble Relak announced,

    “Analysis complete. Terra contains minimal minerals, and hasno matches to native soil. Eighty four percent match with Faron Wood loam.”

    The golem would have wished it was Faron wood, but alongwith what he had collected visually it was obvious this place was not it. Theother creature’s dismay at their current location also led Relak to come to theanswer of all of them were not native. All excluding the canine creature. Relakapproached it towering over the creature, and in a booming voice demanded,

    “Area secure. Now confide answers!”

    The Golem was known for being stoic, but he could easilymime basic emotions, and anger was the easiest. His runic eyes became obtusetriangles as to give the appearance of glaring, his metal jaw parted justenough to show the sharp metal spikes inside, and the spikes on Relak’s wrists,knees, and shoulders expanded. Relak preferred simply forcing information or receivingit without work, but intimidation was an effective means.
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