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    I got a second hand pokémon sapphire cartridge off of someone. The chips and circuitry and everything seems legit, but I'm a little worried if the game has a hacked rom. I want to make sure if my game is fully legit, and even if the cartridge is legit, i do NOT want a hacked rom inside it.

    You see, I was browsing through his team on his saved file and he has several Pokémon he received from trades. HOWEVER, he has a Numel he met at Fiery Path that is under an entirely different Trainer name and a Grovyle that is under a different Trainer name. Yet, it states that he "met (numel) at Fiery Path" and "met (grovyle) at Route 101".

    So I was wondering if the cartridge had been hacked and is there a way to reset it to an unhacked state if it is? Or should I return it?

    EDIT: I've never traded Pokémon or anything before, so I'm not quite sure about these kinds of things.

    Really sorry if my question is really stupid, never owned a Sapphire cartridge before. This is my first and only Pokémon Sapphire cartridge I have and I have never traded before.