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    EVENT 01


    A Wild Braviary Appears?!

    In the western and south western sectors of Hoenn, there have been numerous sights of Braviary, thing that hadn't happen previously, as Braviary is exclusive to the Unova region, and Rufflet cannot be found with ease within the region of Hoenn. Several witnesses have said that they're not regular Braviary, and that in fact, it's only one, as they claim that it is some weird mix between a human and a Pokemon.

    BURST thieve of the skies

    As depicted, this person-Pokemon-creaturesque being is covered with feathers, and has gained wings without losing his arms or legs. His head is also covered in feathers at most parts, and he has gained an incredible speed when airbourne.

    Arlu comes from a very distant land, where he was part of a secret organization whose name no one seems to remember, as a minor grunt, and is one of the Seven Warriors of Team Gaia, after slowly ranking up in this team1. If he sees you're holding something that is actually worth it, he'll steal it with haste, so be careful not to loose your belongings to him.

    If spotted, he'll certainly just flee unless succesfully attacked, if you do harm him, prepare for a ferocious battle that will certainly result with you losing more than a battle.

    How may you manage this event:
    -You have the power to bunny Arlu, as he's an NPC, be warned, however, that if you abuse of this, neither of the RPers will be able to bunny any other of the Seven Warriors again.

    -Arlu can appear ANYWHERE, if you want to spot him in your next post, be sure to tell everyone else in the OOC. Once you're done with your post, he must flee somewhere else. Someone else will be able to spot it, also telling the others in the OOC, and so on...

    -Arlu, being a Burst Warrior, and one of the Seven Warriors, has performed Burst, and since he knows the risks of facing tougher oponents, he will not hesitate to attack those who look weak and flee of those who can overcome him.

    -He does speak, but he prefers to emit intimidating cries instead.

    -Due to him fusing with a Lv. 30 Braviary, this battle shows a significant challenge, and obviously can't be won.

    -What is the purpose of spotting one of the Seven Warriors so quickly? You'll see in Rustboro
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