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Oldale Town

Arla, Banko and the Seedot who was newly named Corwas entered Oldale Town just after lunch time. Instead of heading to the pokémon center, Arla went straight home and begged for lunch. Her mother was not home as she was working in the school, of course. But her father was at home at the moment and cooked up a nice lunch worthy of a trainer. Then he asked her how her journey was coming along and she showed him Corwas and Banko. When her father saw the messed up and weak Corwas, he scolded her and sent her straight to the pokémon center after lunch. Grumpy, Arla obeyed and went to heal her pokémon up. She would remember to do that as the first thing whenever she reached a new town from now on.

At the pokémon center, she overheard some other trainers talking. It wasn't often that good trainers came to her hometown, but there were quite a lot of bad nooby ones. Like herself... no, she was great! She had Banko. He was... a bit silly, but pretty strong. Maybe she should try her powers out against a real trainer? Instead of just fighting wild pokémon.

She walked up to a pair of guys who seemed to be comparing pokéballs in the middle of the pokémon center's lobby. They seemed to be only a few years older than her, one with red, curly hair and the other one with brown bushy hair. Both of them were relatively tall and lanky.

"Excuse me," she said and earned confused looks from both guys. "Would anyone of you want to have a battle with me? I need to train."

The guys looked at each other and then laughed a little. Arla was about to go into defense mode, when they smiled at her in a not so mean way. "Yeah, sure! I can. Outside? Now?" the brown haired one said.

"Yes!" Arla said, relieved. They walked outside and the red haired guy agreed to act as a judge.

"My name is Martin, by the way," the trainer said. "And your judge is Oscar."

"Name's Arla," the pink haired girl said confidently. "Two pokémon each!"

"You mean in succession, right? Not as in a double battle?"

"Yes. Succession."

"Fine! I'll begin. Poliwag!" Martin called out and sent forth a blue ball that was similar to a Spheal yet not. Arla had seen this one before, just north of Oldale.

"Corwas, let's fight!" she said and sent out her newest pokémon. He came out and jumped a few times on the spot, then turned around and faced Arla with an angry face. "Hey, what are you doing? Let's be a team!"

Corwas didn't seem to think that was a great idea. He scoffed at her.

"Hah... newly captured, I guess?" Martin asked. Arla's face went red as Oscar laughed a little.

"Corwas! I beat you fair and square. That means I'm stronger than you. You want to become strong like me, right?" Corwas seemed to think about her words for a bit. "Then follow my orders and I'll teach you how to be great!" The pokémon sighed, then nodded. Convinced!

"Great. Then, use Tackle!" Arla said, charging forward immediately. Corwas tackled Poliwag easily, since it was even slower than the Seedot on the ground. But it didn't seem to hurt much.

"Poliwag, counter with Bubble!" Martin said and his pokémon turned around and quickly blew a stream of bubbles at Corwas, who backed away with small yelps when the bubbles exploded against his skin.

"You're a grass type! You can... oh." Arla smiled and walked closer to her pokémon, who stood up and stared at Poliwag with angry eyes. "Use Bide," she whispered to him. He understood and even giggled a little.

"What's that?" asked Oscar, who tried to stand somewhere beside the middle of the improvised battlefield.

"Trainers are allowed to stay close to their pokémon during a battle," Martin shrugged. "But then they'll have to take the attacks too! Bubble!"

Arla shielded herself with her arms as the Bubbles came at them. She managed to jump away before too many had hit her, but her Seedot took most of the damage. Still, he was a grass type and it didn't damage him much. But he did Bide his time...

"Another Bubble!" Martin said and Arla couldn't help thinking what a naive trainer he was. Thinking that bubble after bubble could make her Seedot burst. The new batch of bubbles hit Corwas just like before, but then it widened its eyes. It was ready. Arla opened her mouth to give the order-

"Hypnosis!" Martin interrupted her all of a sudden. Arla almost stumbled on her own feet of surprise. Before Corwas could unleash his power, Poliwag caught its attention and the swirly shape on its belly started to swirl even more. Arla looked away instantly. Corwas was not so wise. Arla saw him become dizzy and eventually fall over, as if asleep.

"What!" she shouted out.

"Double Slap," Martin said, once again surprising the pink haired girl. Poliwag now jumped forward and slapped the Seedot hard until it woke up. But he was only awake until the next blow, after which he fainted.

"Martin wins this round!" Oscar called out happily and clapped his hands. Arla didn't speak. She just returned Corwas to his pokéball with a dark face.

"Do you know why you lost?" Martin asked, sending back his Poliwag as well.

"Oh please. Are you going to treat me like a little kid? I'm 14 years old!" She wasn't going to stand here and take non-wise words from non-wise teenagers.

"Really? I'm sorry then. I thought you were younger. Haha, I guess you might have heard that before?"

"Yes, and I didn't like it then and I don't like it now," Arla pouted.

"Hey, girl, he didn't mean no harm!" Oscar said with a stupidly wide smile and walked up to them.

"I'm only 16 years old myself. So I guess I shouldn't be lecturing you. But you might become a better trainer if you think about this," Martin began. Arla pretended that Martin didn't know that she pretended to not listen. "You just assumed that we were as new trainers as you when you challenged us, I guess. Before you challenge someone, you can try to assess their skills and strengths. Maybe try to spot one of their pokémon to see if it's evolved or young. And during the battle, I knew you used Bide. You used it because you thought Seedot could withstand the water attacks and then deliver a stronger blow in return, and maybe you thought that I didn't realize that Seedot wasn't much damaged by water. But I had more attacks up my sleeve and decided to not reveal Double Slap until the end. Hypnosis was used just before you could deliver your main blow, to render Seedot harmless. Tactics."

As much as she wanted to rip his guts out now, Arla knew he made sense. She would keep those things in mind. And generally try to be more observing. But still...

"We have one more round before this battle is over," she said.

((OOC: but that'll be in another post xD Can I has 3 levels for Corwas the Seedot now? :D ))

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