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    Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning View Post
    I think a more appropriate title would be, "Just how bad does IE suck?"
    I definitely LOL'd at that.

    Anyway, I certainly despise IE. Whoever in Microsoft is in charge of IE development needs to get a dork stamp.

    I don't like Chrome much. When your computer needs to perform a System Restore, try Google Chrome. It won't be so helpful then, and you'll wish you had IE instead. It happened to me, and Chrome flunked something fierce. And it has a weird bug that makes uninstalling nearly impossible when this occurrence happens.

    Safari is okay. Not my favorite.

    Opera is better, considering the DS version loads way faster than the PSP's web browser. Stupid NetFront ****.

    Firefox is my favorite. It's a streamlined powerhouse built by a great community with loads of plugins available.

    Although, IE haters are gonna disagree with me on this one, but...
    IE and Safari are basically all the other browsers' parents. Without them, you couldn't have downloaded other browsers, unless you bought a Mac or Chromebook. Opera is the lonely kid at the school cafeteria who no one wants to hang out with. Chrome is the mathematical genius in the class, but overloads when confronted by the bigger kids. And lastly, Firefox is the coolest, most popular kid who everyone admires and wishes they could be that cool.

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