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    I sort of like the "middle gen" the best. It had the best of both worlds, in my opinion.
    Both the older and newer bring their own to the table, I prefer the older "8/32-bit music"
    but the graphics in the newer one seem more appealing.

    However, I feel they messed Lavender Town up completely in HG/SS; It's meant to be creepy/sad and they took away from the feeling by placing what looks like a circus tent at the bottom, and turning the giant pillar, that was once a giant tomb that symbolized despair, into a radio tower; that's an example of where newer graphics went wrong. On the other side of the argument though lets look at Charge
    Stone Cave, it looks sweet as hell. All the little details and other things just bring it together perfectly, in a way the older type of graphics couldn't ever pull off, imo.

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