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    "Hey, so, we don't really know the new guys too well. What do you say guys? Care to share a bit about yourselves?" Guardia asked them.

    This shocked Jirmonji. He was kinda hoping to find out about the other Gold Tribe members, but he was willing to share a few tidbits of his past with his brothers and sister. What should I start with? The Swift began to explain himself. "There isn't really that much to me, but I'll say what I need to say." He cleared his mind. It had been a daily activity since he left the Koral Mountains.

    "I was a young Scyther long ago. It seems like millineas ago now, in all honesty. My parents abandoned me as a child because of a soothesayer's fortune, but my brother stuck around to prove them wrong, that I could amount to something. He was a member of the Gold Tribe long before I was. He would take me on some his missions that he really shouldn't have, but it made me stronger. We would travel throughout the Theive's Forest cutting down any sign of evil that we could for a long time. I eventually...changed when we took on a large party of the Theif Lord's men. I strengthened myself for a long time until my brother believed I was ready to join." He took a deep breath again, wracking his mind for any information that would be useful for his backstory. "I applied, and was accepted. Rey bestowed my pendant to seal the membership himself. I remember it as if it were only yesterday." Jirmonji thought of the light shining on his face as the Zangoose gave him the golden heart. "I served faithfully for one year....Then the Silver Tribe attacked Gold City." He shuddered at the memory of the screams, the blood, the death. "My brother and I fought, back to back, till the end, but he ended up dying. I was mortified, so I slaughtered his killers and ran off to the Koral Mountains. After years and years of training, I came to Albia. While I was there, I met Gallant." Slynt had basically caught up with the present. "I challenged Frost and that beast, Sovereign. You know the rest."