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Originally Posted by Murt93 View Post
I was told to post my question on breeding here I know almost everything about ev's and iv's and in soulsilver by giving a pokemon a power item e.g. a power bracelet there is a 50% chance that the iv stat of the parent will be passed to the egg and everyone knows the everstone trick for the nature but here is what I need help with:
I'm trying to get a garchomp with 31 IV's in attack and speed with a jolly nature
I've tried 2 method's the 1st is with a ditto with 31 atk ivs holding a power bracer and a garchomp with 31 Iv's holding a power anklet If my math is correct I have a 33% chance of getting both IV's onto an egg but the jolly nature can take between 12-25 eggs
method no.2 is a garchomp with 31 atk IV's holding a power bracer and a jolly natured garchomp with 31 IV's holding an everstone I've hatched around 50 eggs with each method and my best result is 31 Iv's in attack 22 Iv's in speed with the 2nd method for some reason the everstone garchomp just doesnt want to pass its Iv's am I doing something wrong or have I just been unlucky?
It's all about luck, just keep trying till you get it eventually :) Or if you want to be certain that you'll get it then you should learn how to RNG Abuse, but that's pretty complex and will take a while to pick up so make sure you actually want to learn it before trying, it's not easy. xD If you want more info then check here :)