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    Originally Posted by joshbl56 View Post
    I don't think he meant it literally but instead is pointing out that people who do not get these vaccines are kind of making that choice themselves (quick note, I haven't really read any other post right now except the last few).

    As for the vaccines themselves, I would rather have a group of people be forced to get a vaccine for something like polio than see them all die because of it. While I usually go for the 'people have the right to choose' choice, I would rather choose the 'Make sure everyone lives' kind of choice. I would go with this choice specifically for children. Children who die because their parents didn't get them vaccinated is probably one of the worst things to find out about.
    Yeah thats what Im saying. If your stupid enough to turn down a polio vaccine then you deserve to get polio. Its just a matter of freedom of choice IMO.
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