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    Can I join this club? I used to hunt shinies but I quit when I stopped playing pokemon a long time ago. Shiny hunting is really what got me wanting to playing the games again and its cool theres a club for it. I used to have a shiny Swampert, Swellow and Zigzagoon (all legit 1/8192) on my Ruby version, but my lil bro lost most of my gba games and all I have left of my old games is my Firered version that has no shinies on it. But I decided to start all over again and I bought Soulsilver a couple months ago, and I also bought Diamond a few days ago. I've been pretty successful so far and managed to get Cyndaquil (18 SRs) and Eevee (9401 SRs) on my Soulsilver. So far those two shinies are the only ones I have but I think it's a good start. Right now I'm going after my third SS target (Skarmory) and trying to SR for a shiny Piplup in Diamond. I only have one DS so I'm switching back and forth between hunts. I'm really focusing on Skarmory though, I'm currently at 600 REs but hopefully I won't take too long to find it... but good luck to everyone else on their hunts!
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