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Mienshao @life orb
Ability: Regenerator
Fake out
drain punch
stone edge
He is my tide turner, I know he's frail so my plan is to apply instant damage with fake out. Then if its a bad type like a psychic then uturn will hurt the foe and give me a free dwitch to one of my counters. His ability will restore life orn damage and drain punch for dark, ice, rock, and steel and stone edge for flying weakness... But thats only when he neefs to attack

Metal claw
arial ace
baton pass
while sword dance is preferred over agility, this set is still to not be under estimatec! With a base 130 attack and technician, scizor will be able to use moves more concentred on effect rather than strength. For example metal claw: its weak but technician will double its power making it a wondetf STAB plus metal claw has a chance to up attack. With agility scizor doulbles his speed and becomes a hard to stop pokemon. Now imagine this, botyon passing an agility to a sweeper!!! (like back mienshao, or a counter)

Chandelure @lum berry
Heat wave
Energy ball
with the highest non uber sp. Atk stat he is dynamite waiting to be lit. The only bad thing is his mediocre speec which lets him get revenge killed... But imagine a batton pass agility!!! He'll have a base 160 speed and 147 sp atk!! So heat wave, energy ball, and shadowball will ohko many a pokemns. And pain split is when he's low on hp. Because he has a measley 65 base hp, pain split will bring your opponent down. Then any moves will pick it off ^-^

Nasty plot
Dragon pulse
Flame thower
Dark pulse
Nasty plot + his bulk make him an exceptional bulky sweeper. Add in a baton agility and you have a super sweeper

Sword dance
Dragon claw
Fire fang
same a hiedregon (super sweeper) except its a physical wall breaker instead

Nasty plot
grass knot

Azelf is for type coverage for mienshao (weak to flying- thunderbolt) and chandelure (water- eneryball)
I want to add flame thrower but I dunno I really want to keep nasty plot.

I want to add in excadrill (rhapid spin, earthquake, sword dance, iron head) but I haven't decided on whether to take out chandelure or azelf (._.) So um, any advice???