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    Originally Posted by newhades17 View Post
    For some reason when i load the game i get white screen. works on my phone version, but wanted to try the pc version. I'm using the vba emulator. i know there arent different versions, just different ways to get them.
    Repatch the ROM or try another version of the ROM.

    Meanwhile, MAJOR BUG ALERT (Route 412).

    I was just mucking around on that right side of the lake when I ended up leaping over a log...and now I am waterlocked. To my good fortune, I am using savestates periodically while playing (writing a walkthrough, it helps with creating strategies), and resetting periodically so as to restore any odd data that might randomly be created, so I am not stuck and can go back to the Mt. Zhery entrance to the Route with no problem; I just want to warn anyone here not to run into the same bug. Consider it known, and I'm taking the liberty of doing something with that log (firewood anyone...actually, I just added a rock and left the right part of the log leapable) for a future build.

    (And if you're wondering, yes, the rain was turned off for this image; I was running around creating screens for putting together a better looking version of the map than the editor shows. The rain is already back on in the working copy.)

    In any case, the alternative is to end up in water battles (yes, the surfable tiles will activate battles if you were to actually change the flags to walk on them as well - this is a game thing, not a hack thing) until your Pokémon either get knocked out or you get run out of moves. In that case you wind up back at Groment City's Pokémon Center and back to Mt. Zhery you go.

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