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    hmm pretty difficult to pick one specific type but i'd have to go with a Dark type gym, it being the 7th gym you face with 3 trainers at my assistance.

    My Pokemon lineup would look like this-

    LV.59 Cacturne
    ~Sucker Punch
    ~Needle Arm

    LV.57 Sableye
    ~Shadow Claw
    ~Power Gem
    ~Foul Play
    ~Zen Headbutt

    LV.50 Umbreon
    ~Faint Attack
    ~Last Resort

    LV.49 Shiftry
    ~Razor Leaf
    ~Faint Attack
    ~Leaf Tornado
    ~Leaf Storm

    LV.64 Zoroark
    ~Foul Play
    ~Night Slash
    ~Night Daze

    LV.60 Absol
    ~Future Sight
    ~Night Slash
    ~Razor Wind

    i would give out TM85 (Dream Eater)..Yep that would be my gym, it was hard to choose from Ghost Type Pokemon or Dark Type as those two are my most cherished types..To bad i can't post there avatars but im sure everyone knows what they look like although it would be more flashy with pictures