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    Dear Parents,

    I pray the pits of hell themselves open and swallow the both of you. In your untimely deaths your fortune shall go to me and my siblings (unfortunately) but alas I will then sell the house and the property and split the profits once again quite unfortunately with my siblings. After doing so I will never speak a word to anyone I am of blood relation to again and I will live out the rest of my life happy to be rid of people who can never be pleased and live in a false marriage. If you are staying married for the sake of your children, please instead kill yourselves and leave all your money to us so at least I can be actually happy and not have to pretend with the rest of you. I am sorry you have chosen to live out both of your lives as complete lies just because of your own twisted moral reasons and the fact the both of you still care what the family thinks of you even though they clearly do not care about anyone, but themselves.

    I am also quite saddened that I am so angry right now that I had to resort to posting this on a Pokemon website that I can't even stand to look at never mind actually take the time to sign in and post. May this be a lesson to everyone to not grow up into a total douche bag and then marry a retard and try to raise children together. For it only makes your children want to kill themselves everyday.

    your loving daughter