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    Originally Posted by Catastrophe_2 View Post
    Downloaded this a few days ago to give it a shot. A few stuff I've noticed:
    - Everytime I try to use a team of 6 pokemon, I end up underleveled. In Yang White, I'm currently in from of the 7th gym with a full team of 6, the Leader's guys are level 70-ish while mine are 65-ish. In Yin black I'm just running a team of 4 fighters and 2 HM slaves and I'm around 70-ish too. At the rate this is going, the Elite 4 Champ will have lvl 100 pokemon. I guess this is intended?
    - Everything either hits like a bullet train, sponges hits like no one's business or can do both but are slow as molasses (or are Legendaries, I guess)
    - Cryogonal is awesome. Slaking, less so.
    - Grinding is hard as hell since Audinos have a 20-ish percent chance of appearing in shaking grass (at least in the first few routes, I just gave up on grinding after the second gym). It's just faster to do like in HG/SS and keep smashing your team on theirs and whiting out until you can beat them. I'd at least up the Audino/Chansey rates up to 50% in shaking grass, since it's already kinda rare.
    - Why is the Choice Band available before Gym 3, but Choice Specs are after Gym 6?
    First of all, thanks for tryin' it out...also, I appreciate da feedback, so I'm gonna try to give an answer for everything you wrote. Let’s see…

    Well okay, da team of six thing. Well, yeah…da game was meant to be hard, so most likely your opponent’s Pokemon level will be higher when encountering them...but not crazy higher than yours, tho. Also, the Pokemon league (1st round) are between Lv 84-91. I made some vidz of me fighting the Pokemon league. If you wanna know what you’re up against, then look at it, man. I had a full team and my Pokes were all around Lv 80+ and still was able to beat Ghetsis. If your team on Lv 65-ish and your opponent’s on Lv70-ish, I don’t see da problem. You’re just five levels behind. And beside, if you’re at da seventh gym, then that means your Pokemon must have some powerful attacks on hand, right? So, just hit da Pokemon with a strong enough super effective move, it’ll go down. Every Pokemon have a weakness; even if it mean attacking da lowest base defensive stat of that Pokemon. It’s up to da user to exploit dat weakness, ya know what I’m sayin?

    “Everything hits like a bullet train, sponges attacks or can do both, but just slow”…but…isn’t the game naturally like this? LOL Can’t Pokemon like Mienshao or Infernape hit like bullets, but can’t take shot well? And Pokemon like Bronzong or Cohagrigus can sponge like a cake, but can’t dish out its servings well? And Pokemon like Musharna or Snorlax, they can endure attacks; to a certain extent and can dish it out, but are very slow.

    I know Cryogonal’s awesome, you don’t halfta tell me twice. And awww, don’t like da “Stall” Slaking? I thought it was still powerful…well, in da right hands of course. Just protect dat Sp. Def.

    As for da grinding thing….I dunno…I mean, when I play Pokemon, I don’t usually spend my time grinding my levels; running back and forth in da grass. >_<

    Hm. The Choice Band and Choice Specs placement? Well, both items are similar in effect…You just get da one that powers up physical attack first. LOL Equip to a Pokemon with good attack power…or Equip it to a rock type and use it to help you fight Burgh.
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