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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
Sooooo, while I was writing my next post, this came up: Do we all follow the same IC day, or do we just go with the flow as we please? Like for example, in Aincrad it's morning and in about two weeks or so it's evening. Just a tiny suggestion. xD
Yes and no.

The 'present' is whatever is described in the first post, which you can interpret as full day in this case. Since the even just started I would recommend assuming its morning/noon but overall not worry about times of day.

You are welcome to be out of sync with the canon posts, just make sure to say so somewhere so nobody gets confused aha.

Its 7am did that make sense?

I'm not going to do rigid timings as it just won't work for a game like this, what I might do is have time-skips between events though... undecided.
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