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    "Welcome to Pokémon Center Tours. Today we are going to give you a tour through the Pokémon Center. You have to take part young trainer, because sadly enough, I'm standing in front of the desk so you cannot talk to the nurse and thus you are not able to heal these Pokémon of yours. And even though you are playing a fangame and barely any people new to the franchise are going to play this, you are still going to have to click through lots and lots of dialogue. Without a way to skip this or speed it up. THATS FUN AMIRIGHT"

    Finally found some good Pokémon Center tiles, thanks to Lemon. The new Pokémon Center looks exactly the same as the HGSS Pokémon Center (bar the Mart Clerk standing on the second floor and the different region map) so you are familiar with it ;)

    In the meantime I am working on the fourth gym. Good chance the next release will be up to the fourth gym instead of the third!