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Originally Posted by SNOR(es)LAX View Post
Singaporean? Me too, but this post is not for that kind of thing, VMs/PMs are.

Personally, I would either choose the:
HP Pavilion g4-2002TX

But that's just me, because it has the i7, but many people say that there's really not much difference between the i5 and i7. Go for the i7 if you do video editing if you are a heavy gamer, otherwise stick with a i5 laptop.

If you are planning to get a i5 just go with the HP Pavilion g4-2009TX if you like HP, with all the beats audio and all that good stuff, otherwise go and get the Lenovo G480 because of its 2GB video card, that $0 Windows 8 upgrade and if you are a NVDIA fan boy. If you really do not care about the price, just go for the Toshiba, since it has 8GB RAM, but RAM's not really everything right? The 2 year warranty is nice as well.

Customer Service and Laptop conditioning wise, I'm using a Acer laptop, have been using it for 4 years already and its still in "good" condition, it just cannot compete with today's games. Once I accidentally spilled my coffee onto it and I sent it to Acer, they told me to send it to a shop Sim Lim Square for repair and cleaning.
I personally do not trust HP, since I had a very bad experience with them, but that's just me.

I hope my post have helped you to choose what Laptop that you will want to buy. Just don't go to Sim Lim Square to buy it, you might get scammed. :D
I don't really have any good experience with my Acer laptop in the past, but maybe it's because it's running a really hot AMD processor with a weak IGP.

I know that my dad likes his Toshiba, but the maximum display brightness is on the low side, compared to the MacBook Air that has a really bright screen if I need it to. But I don't really mind it anyway, since I have a monitor to plug it in...

The laptops with Core i7s and GeForces tempt me a lot, and I know that the 7670M is barely competitive with the 630M, and the 640M smokes them both... and gives me comparable performance to my now-dead custom-built desktop which lasted 4 years. (Power supply failure?)

I've heard of bad things with HP and Acer personally, and I try to stay away from them. If that means not using a 640M, so be it. It's still way better than HD 3000.

By the way, none of the laptops listed have listed battery life. I wonder what are they?

I'm leaning strongly on the Lenovo, followed by the Toshiba.

Some notes after having a hands-on on most of the laptops listed:
  • All these laptops seem to have the same maximum brightness when it comes to their screens, but the Acer's screen is undersaturated and yellow-ish compared to others. The Toshiba has some vertical striping pattern on the whole screen which is usually unnoticable. The HP's screen's whites are perfect.
  • The Acer trackpad tracks rather poorly with sharp acceleration drop-off. The HP trackpad works well, but has a very rough surface. The Toshiba trackpad is what I feel at home the most - despite it not being clicky, the trackpad is very friendly to gestures and responsive, with a silky-smooth surface.
  • All these laptops are rather hefty. Don't even think about holding it with just one hand.
  • All of these laptops have keyboards that work equally well. The Acer has a numeric keypad.
  • All these laptops have switchable graphics. They all default to using Intel HD Graphics 4000 while not gaming, which is still faster than the HD Graphics 3000. The GeForces and Radeons kick in once you get into games, for a world of awesome. Checking out NotebookCheck reveals that they should be able to handle modern games at around medium or high settings, even games that are released as recently as yesterday! Some even get maxxed out!
  • The Toshiba and HP are very colourful.
  • All but the HP and Lenovo come with 750 GB of space. The Toshiba's hard disk is shock-proof. Makes sense for me - I drop things all the time.
  • All the laptops are rather sturdy, but I don't trust Acer or HP, not with negative feedback.
  • The Toshiba flies off shelves! Do people really like it?
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