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So here is my attempt at a sign up. Hope it is to everyone's liking.

EDIT: I had a feeling the picture wouldn't work:

There is the link I tried to use, if anyone is curious.

Name: Reinhard Ossur (Reinhart is his avatar name)
Age: 19
Country: Germany

Current Level: 14
Weapon: One handed Sword
Non-Combat Skills: Speed and Taming

A pure blooded young German man, Reinhard has many of the characteristics that define his people. He is fairly tall (standing at 6"1), with broad shoulders and an average build, blending fat and muscle into a powerful stocky build. He will affectionately define himself as a natural born "tank" in that regard which only adds to the roughed nature of his physical appearance. Reinhard has fairy long, shaggy blonde hair with its rough ends brushing across his neck and face, obscuring his small dark blue eyes that often stare down others. An unkempt dark blonde patchy beard gives his long, thin face a rough exterior, which is only emphasized because of his permanent stern expression.

Reinhard is most often found in his adventuring outfit, of which he has grown satisfied and comfortable in. He wears a light blue shirt (over a chain mail shirt) tucked in to a pair of padded dark blue pants, held up by a brown leather belt. Black leather boots protect his feet from the elements. However, the defining characteristics of his outfit lie in the extras, of which tales of adventure lie in their acquisition. The first is his dark red scarf, of Reinhard purchased from a shop after acquiring some negligible loot to sell. The other piece of clothing is his lightly armored dark blue trench coat, which was a rare monster drop. Armor lies on the shoulders in the form of steel pauldrons, bulking up his already broad shoulders. Reinhard also sports leather gauntlets, to maintain a tight grip on his sword, which rests comfortably on his shoulder in its sheath, held on a leather belt that lies across his chest. To this day, he has yet to invest in more casual clothing, taking the game a bit too seriously.

Reinhard is best described as serious, rigid, structured and methodical. He is goal orientated with a carefully constructed plan of action to complete his objectives. This applies to both short term and long term goals and keeps Reinhard focused on the task on hand. Reinhard spends much time preparing for his conquests, stressing preparation, strategy and structure over reckless abandon. This makes Reinhard overly cautious, and one to never take risks. He relies on his intelligence to make the best decision based on logical analysis. "Gut feeling" is just superstition, something that Reinhard refuses to recognize. In fact, Reinhard refuses to believe in superficial things such as luck, spirituality, faith or anything of that nature. He believes that one's success is measured by raw skill, preparation, talent and hard work.

Reinhard is level headed, collected and logical. He weighs his options and allows reason to guide his fate. He does with relative ease due to his lack of emotional attachments to much of anything, making logical the final factor in any impactful decision. Reinhard keeps himself collected at all times, never allowing weakness to show. He cares about the impressions he makes and how people view him, preferring that he commands fear or respect. Therefore, he makes an conscious effort to be as intimidating or as "cool" as possible in order to accomplish that.

Because of his rigid disposition, Reinhard is very rough around the edges. He is brutally honest, strict, and overbearing. Trending close to a careerist, Reinhard puts his goals above others, making him unemotional and cold. Therefore, it is safe to say he does poorly in establishing relationships of any kind. Professional relationships often suffer because Reinhard punishes any degree of stupidity or failure, and given the high stakes of SAO, he feels his nature is more than justified. Personal relationships fail because of Reinhard's general distrust of people and his reserved nature. Reinhard fears developing close knit relationships in SAO, as emotions can make people do stupid things. Therefore, Reinhard focuses purely on his own security and survival.

Reinhard's poor social skills are further exaggerated by his generally shy nature, being socially awkward. He does not read social cues well, often saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. To compensate for his poor skills, Reinhard hides away from others, putting a great distance between himself and others, both metaphorically and literally. Reinhard is a true loner in this regard, avoiding others as much as possible, limiting social interactions to as needed basis. Whenever he is thrown into a social situation, he will keep people to a distance. Short answers, ignoring others completely and using body language to communicate are the norm, as are sarcastic quips, chastising remarks and brutal honesty. Reinhard avoids bonds and others due to a deep repressed paranoia of others, constantly questioning others motives and desires. He holds a firm belief, no one is worth trusting as they easily betray you if the reward is ripe enough. In this regard, Reinhard rather never join any social group, as betrayals are impossible when you are forever alone. If forced into a group situation, Reinhard keeps vigilant and wary, always with his guard up. He holds grudges easily and can be vengeful. However, he usually keeps a cool facade, keeping himself under control, never expressing his emotion. He rather plan revenge than act on his pure instinct.

Life Before SAO:
Reinhard's early life was nothing out of ordinary. Born as the middle of three children to an upper middle class family in Germany, Reinhard was the victim of middle child syndrome, often ignored by his hard working business man of a father and his mother who pushed her eldest and babied her youngest. Reinhard was just caught in the middle, doing his own thing whatever that was interesting at the time. After all, fighting for attention when you have a prodigy of a older brother and a whiny younger brother is a tall order. Reinhard decided that making himself fit in the middle was just easier.

He had never developed any constant habits other than reading or playing videos that fueled his escapist tendencies. Reinhard quickly developed into being quite the nerd, often bullied by others. Without any guidance or role models, he became independent easily and mature faster than most but lacked the refined social skills that would make more functioning in social environments. School became tedious and a chore, a distraction from his fantasy worlds that were in great novels or video games. Regardless, Reinhard worked hard, earning high marks so that just maybe he will earn some recognition other than the kid who picked his nose in kindergarten and doodles those "dorky characters" in his notebook. To escape, Reinhard grew more and more addicted to his pursuits, becoming an avid gamer, as the ecstasy of succeeding in a game world was incomparable to anything he experienced in the physical world. However it was a slippery slope that evolved into a vicious cycle. As he grew older, the bullying intensified. As the bullying intensified, so did his love for video games. His love of gaming exasperated the bullying situation. As his infamy as a total nerd grew and the ridicule progressed, his faith in mankind declined. Reinhard entered bouts of depression in middle school and early high school, requiring a psychologist to work out his problems.

At his recommendation, Reinhard joined some clubs and sport teams (he wasn't a terrible athlete) and strived to succeed in them for the hopes of standing out. And surprisingly it worked. Reinhard grew up in more than one way. He experienced a great growth spurt and began to fill out in his figure. And he gradually developed some social skills (enough to be cold at least). It was a solid turnaround, as school became less arduous of a task and almost enjoyable. However, the trauma of bullying never ceased to be a grim memory. Reinhard kept his distance, as he couldn't suddenly trust a population that made his life so difficult to enjoy. He continued to play video games and enjoy trips of fantasy. It was perhaps why the Nerve Gear was such a glorious godsend (even if Reinhard refuses to believe in such things as God) as it allowed him to fully immerse himself in something. Something that was free of pain and suffering. Something he could enjoy. It was glorious.

He didn't allow it to completely ruin the new life that he crafted in school, but it did develop into an addiction. It did delay his entrance into University. Then Sword Art Online came out. "Bye good grades," he said to himself as he finally got to play the game.

Summary of first month in Aincrad:
-> Week 1: Started playing SAO on a whim and eventually grew to love the game, quickly becoming his home away from home. He would party with others sporadically, if only to gain levels quickly, but following the reveal of the game's new gimmick, Reinhard was caught off guard and questioned how he would survive. He decided the a slow, careful progression would be best suited. He hunted weak creatures and did runs on low level dungeons until he reached the second floor.

-> Week 2: Was unprepared for the second floor and joined a small guild to aid in his quest. Bonded slowly with the others and almost enjoyed the game. Eventually made it to the next floor after startling successes.

-> Week 3: His new group was dismantled by a dungeon, and Reinhard was among the few survivors. The other survivors were traumatized and broke down. One killed himself. Reinhard entered a bout of depression before reaffirming himself that the game could be conquered. Looked into taming for companionship of a less "real" kind. Always wanted a pet anyway.

-> Week 4: Reached Mount Lost as a solo player through grinding, hard work and ambition. Hopes to make it to the front lines before long. Never enjoyed sleeping much anyway.

Roleplay Sample:

Reinhard stared longly at the helmet that was his Nerve Gear and the copy of Sword Art Online that was rested soundly on his desk. He picked up the package and read the back of it once again. "A virtual reality massive multiply online game. It sounds too good to be true." Reinhard has played MMOs before and found the games generally fun if a bit…tedious at times. But a virtual reality one…the premise sounded amazing. He could truly lose himself in the game. Sure, it would be dangerously close to total escapism, but he would be called a gamer who enjoys an immersive experience. Reinhard eliminated his hesitation and set up his Nerve Gear. He pulled the helmet on and settled himself for the connection.

"Link start."

The helmet drew Reinhard deep into a wave of color as the algorithms for establishing the virtual reality ran, making sure that every sense was totally drawn into the game. Once everything was locked in, the settings menu came out. After setting his language to German and logging in, Reinhard designed his avatar and was transported into the game.

Reinhard felt himself struggle to adjust the world for a moment. Not because he was physically incapable or his old Nerve Gear was malfunctioning.

No, it was the game. It was too real. Too surreal, that would be a better word for it. He bounced his foot off the paved ground. It felt solid. In fact the third bounce almost hurt. The grass was a vivid green, the skies a deep blue, the mountains in the distance an awe inspiring sight. Everything was too real. Too hard to believe. Reinhard took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air. It reminded him of the German countryside. Good first impression there, SAO, Reinhard said to himself. Enough with being impressed. I have a game to beat.

With the shining sun beating down on him, Reinhard left the safety of the town, determined to get out of the noob territory. He disliked rookies. They never knew what they were doing. Sure, he didn't get to play the Beta, but Reinhard played enough Role Playing Games to get around. He double checked the menu system to make sure his best equipment was out.

Several mental checks later, Reinhard officially entered the grassy fields of Aincrad. He took a moment to take in the surroundings. As much as he wanted to rid his mind of awe, he found it difficult to take in. It was too good to be true; too immersive to believe. The light breeze swept through his hair and it was a moment of peace. For the first time in a long time, Reinhard felt at peace with himself and his life. Whether he realized it or not, it was in that moment that Reinhard made a connection with SAO. A connection that would last for some time.

Reinhard walked the fields, looking for his first monster to fight. He was not alone in this endeavor, as many other players were eager to fight their first monster, but those select few had formed parties already. Reinhard was alone. He preferred it that way, at least for now. Maybe he will eventually warm up to some group, but he didn't see it happening until he had something to contribute to a group.

Reinhard's gait was eventually stopped by a boar which did not take long to deduce was probably among the weakest creature in the game. At least it was better than fighting rabbits as his first monster encounter. The boar was startled by Reinhard's presence and immediately went in for an attack, Reinhard sidestepped the creature and taunted into attacking once more, side stepping again with ease. It's attack pattern was entirely to predictable. When the boar lunged forward again, Reinhard slashed his blade through the creature, slicing it along the side. The boar was weakened and in a rage attacked again, catching Reinhard off guard. He took the hit head on, and crashed to the ground, watching his HP drop down close to yellow zone. He neglected the pain, picked himself off the guard and prepared for the next battle phase. Taking a defensive stance, Reinhard charged up his attack and watched the boar bolt forward. Release the charged attack, Reinhard dashed forward, striking down the boar in a flash. The creature shattered in bits of glowing data, as a screen popped up giving Reinhard's his rewards.

"I need to kill a few more of these to level up. Fair enough."

That was the beginning of the game. Reinhard continued his conquests, slaying monsters, joining small parties and continuing to develop his character. He wanted to be the best warrior in the game, and all his free time was devoted to training. Hours eroded by in the game and before he knew it, the first week of SAO had consumed him.

It was only the beginning.

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