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    Time for another update.

    What Happened:
    - Got through Pinwheel Forest easily and quickly.
    - Made it to Castelia after running through the huge SkyArrow Bridge.
    - I did the Battle Company and the Plasma stuff.
    - I went up to Route 4 to catch a Darumaka.
    - While training, Whimsicott died to a underestimated Fire Fang.
    - Solo'd Burgh's whole gym with just Darumaka.
    - I went to Route 4, beat Bianca and Cheren, and got to the Desert Resort.
    - I caught a Sandile in Desert Resort, and Yamask in Relic Castle.
    - I continued to Nimbasa while training on my way there.
    - I got the Bike and headed to Route 5 and caught a Gothita, and failed to catch an Audino on Route 16.
    - I went to Lostlorn Forest, where I caught a Pansage in shaking grass.
    - I continued to train until everyone on my team was around level 30ish.
    - While training, Gothita fainted from a Liepard's Pursuit when I tried to switch.
    - Another death while training, this time Sandile died to an Audino's critical hit Secret Power.
    - I beat N very easily with Darumaka's Fire Punch.
    - I beat Elesa, but in the fight, Yamask fell to Emolga's Volt Switch.
    - I saved after the fight.

    Darumaka Lv.31
    Fire Punch, Work Up, Thrash, Headbutt

    Servine Lv.30
    Slam, Leaf Tornado, Mega Drain, Growth

    Pansage Lv.30
    Seed Bomb, Fury Swipes, Leech Seed, Bite

    Pidove Lv. 9-17
    Roggenrola Lv. 11-17
    Panpour Lv. 10-21
    Herdier Lv. 4-22
    Whimsicott Lv.18-26
    Gothita Lv.19-26
    Sandile Lv.22-24
    Yamask Lv.21-30