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Yahoo, FT thread, I'd love to join this guild =D


~ Who are your favourite characters?
Gray. He's plain awesomeness =D I've known from the start that he's gonna be my favorite and he still stays =D Plus, he's cool (pun intended =D)

~ Who are your least favourite characters?
Probably masters of dark guilds and Sabertooth's master.
I don't know why but they always make them unlikable...

~ What's your favourite magic in the series?
I'm gonna be pretty obvious by saying Gray's ice molding magic =D

~ Do you ship any pairings in Fairy Tail? If so, which ones? And alternatively, are there any ships that you dislike in Fairy Tail.
Beside classic ones like Jellal + Erza and Natsu + Lisanna, my no.1 is GrayLu. It's probably mainly because of the Magic Festival arc but they are so cute together =D
I hate Gray + Juvia pairing... it's as one-sided as it could be.
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