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Ill try predicting the next legendaries in terms of role and power for the lolz. Bold stuff I am confident about.

Generation VI.
-580trio: Ground, Water, Ghost (more abstract like the Regis, solid, luquid and gas)
-mascot trio about nature: Water, Grass, Ground (maybe all /Bug, vaguely resembling larva, cocoon and imago)
-a secret fourth 580member representing plasma Electric or Fire, or both, or having an Electric and a Fire forme

Generation VII.
-580trio: Ghost, Ground, Poison (creepy monsters living underground, perhaps all /Dark type)
-mascot trio about physics, perhaps electromagnetism/light, gravity and nuclear forces/radioactivity
Electric/Psychic, Ground/Psychic, Poison/Psychic
-a secret fourth 580 creepy monster Dark or Rock/Dark
-a secret 720TBS Arceus-like figure for the physics trio.

Along with some [email protected]/Genesect-esque standalone 600TBS legends of course