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    For me, I like the designs. Colress, Cheren, say a few. For the music, it isn't the stuff I really, really like, which would be found in a racing game. :D (Would xD do the same here?) But still, if I were to choose the good ones, probably the Subway Battle theme, which was simply a remix of the usual Trainer Battle theme, but it was pretty great. Colress' theme was great, especially the starting piece. Cynthia's theme was good, it was simply a remix of the original, but I like them both anyway. And I do like the Gym Leader battle theme...even though in's simply the same one from BW. I'm fine with the new Pokemon arrangements, but the best should be the Riolu of Flocessy Ranch. It can beat the Elite Four and the Champion pretty much single-handedly due to its move coverage being enormous. But needs backup. Marshal's gonna kill due to it being a Steel-type. But at least Iris is the one who's complaining. But still...not really, due to her Pokemon having Earthquake. (at least a few do) And this game has a lot more story fillings than that of BW, making it better, knowing that we can know a lot more about the characters. The thing I hate...I have nothing to say, actually...about that.
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