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Zayphora, just a reminder, you can't double post as a owner untill the club has been inactive for at least a month, but I'm gonna let it slide for now.

As for your question, I do recall reading it, but I can hardly even remember what it was like. If it was the one about your rival, with the hidden room in the back of the Viridian gym, taking place during the time of GSC, then sure, I remember it, but gonna read through it shortly, so that I can answer properly. Now, the title did remind me of another creepypasta called "Axe, Candle, Rope". I'm guessing the idea for it came off the surfboard item, which appears to originally have been a replacement for the HM move, where the author probably thought up other items for this.

Basically the axe was supposed to be an earlier version of Cut, the candle was supposed to be an earlier version of Flash, and the rope was just the Escape rope, which should've been replaced by Dig, but apparently didn't. Initially they all had the same function as their current counterparts, however a bit into the development, the programmers apparently edited the effects of the items a bit, which led to some really morbid jokes. Using the axe on NPC's would trigger a high-pitched screaming effect which was all that the original Gameboy could handle, flash a dark screen for a second, and then return to normal, however the NPC would be gone, and what would resemble a dark puddle in its place.
The candle, if used in a building, would trigger the smoke screen animation, which would go all around the building, whereafter a message would tell the player to leave the building, in which it isn't informed what would happen if they didn't. That aside, once the player exited the building, the OW of the building would be completely black, and the player would be unable to enter the building.
The escape rope, which people can probably guess, would show the player hang himself, if the item was used in front of a doorway. One of the beta testers, who were the victims of these cruel jokes apparently left the team after discovering this, because they thought it was just too far, where in which case they all seem pretty much too far in this case.

Anyways, the items were all removed for the final game and replaced with their HM counterpart of course, but the programmers found them very hard to completely delete from the code, so instead they made the "extra functions" inacessible, and hid them somewhere else in the code. Hacker apparently found these bits of code years later, with two tragic incidents following these discoveries. Apparently a girl had brought an axe to school, and murdered her fellow classmates with it, only to be locked somewhere secure afterwards. Another incident was of a man burning down his office building, just to be the only survivor, and where, following an investigation, there was a burned cartridge found in his house. None of the incidents were confirmed to be a cause of the games, but it was assumed so by the narrator, since they were both hackers (dunno where he got that from), and both owned the Pokemon games, in which these things were hidden in the code.

It was never heard of anything regarding the rope in the story by the narrator though, however he ends it off with a line saying "my escape rope is waiting", so it can only be assumed that he was the third victim of these items.
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