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    The base of this team is "agililty" and baton pass., it seems kinda stupid to rely on that but if scizor only uses agility and baton passses he will be alive to do a couple more passes. passing a,sword dance to Azelf, hiedregon, or chandelure is completely useless.
    And Chandelure IS slow and volcarona has quiver dance, but a volcarona would have to use quiver dance twuce to do the same amount of damage as a chandalures heat wave. So what would you prefer (in,this specific team, I'm a big volcarona fan)
    A). Quiver dancing twice then attacking
    B). Or walking into a baton pass and then attaking with uber high sp. Atk
    With mienshao, I know hi jump kick is much stronger (about 30%) BUT life orb lessens the gap and it will aslo power up fake out and uturn- I'll be using the last 2 more often. And since I'll be switching back constanly he usually turnd out to be my last pokemon, and drain punch saved me lots of times.
    And about hiedregon, I actually went and did some research and you have to breed a hiedregon to teach it nasty plot ^-^ its a hassle to get a nature, iv, and correct moves on it but with him its definetely worth it.

    This is how many battles will be like:
    Mienshao: goes in fake out, (sturdy, focus sash eliminated) then uturn, hp lost by life orb will be recovered with regenerator.
    Scizor: goes in uses agility, baton passes agility to either-

    All of which will abuse the speed boost. Think about: hydriegon goes in gets double speed. Its next move is nasty plot... What do your pokemon say to themselves... "oh sh¡t, we're screwed"

    And I was thinking about your advice, I thought about taking ariel ace out of scizor and using sword dance. Then replacing azelf with excadrill (earthquake, iron head, shadow claw, RHAPID SPIN) this will make scizzor a support mono attacker but a metal claw from sword dance + technician is not something to pass lightly. And I can now add sworddance+agility to a sword dance dance and set up any physical sweeper.